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One of the most exciting things for a new mom is buying just the right little dress or onesie for her newborn baby. There’s nothing more adorable than buying the oh-so-cute ensemble that draws out the “Awwws” from family and friends.

Having the most fashionable baby on the block can be quite a drain your bank account. Keep in mind the extra costs you’ve picked up in regards to healthcare and other baby gear/accessories. So, we’re going to try to temper that excitement first to avoid wasteful spending, then we’ll get into baby clothes essentials.

Recognizing unessential purchases

First, know that you won’t need a lot of newborn clothing. You can’t really buy this effectively beforehand until you know your baby’s true size, and they will also outgrow this clothing more quickly at this stage than any other.

Second, between baby showers and hand-me-downs, you’ll be inundated with baby clothes, so don’t get carried away over-buying yourself.

And third, what you do purchase – keep toward the larger end of the scale. Your baby will grow into things faster than you expect. Don’t buy clothes that you will end up not using.

Ok, so now onto the Essentials

Personalized, monogrammed rompers for baby boys and girls. Unique comfortable baby clothing for baby presents and gifts.Just because these are essentials doesn’t mean you need to go out on a shopping spree for them. Hand-me-downs (except in the case of #1 below!) can fulfill much of these essentials.

  1. Diapers – You will go through countless diapers! Purchase them in bulk and let people know that if they’d like to help out, disposable diapers will be the best bet. The disposable type will be less of headache for a very busy mom.
  2. Onesies – These one-piece outfits are similar to coveralls and keep your newborn warm and comfortable. The snap crotch makes dressing a breeze.
  3. Cotton tees – These tees along with cotton skirts or shorts, are perfect for around the house. You’ll need quite a few tees as they will require repeated changing.
  4. Rompers: Also called a creeper, diaper shirt or snapsuit. They are full-body suits to be worn at night. They are comfy to sleep in and also keep the baby protected from some light wind outdoors.
  5. Warm clothes – You’ll need a few sweaters and jackets in the baby’s cabinet for protection from chilly weather conditions.
  6. Personalized baby hats for baby boys and girls. 100% cotton.Hats and Caps – Perhaps only a couple, but hats prevent the baby from losing body heat and protects the baby’s head from the breeze.
  7. Socks/booties: Like hats, these prevent your baby from losing excessive body heat. A few different weights should be kept on hand for temperature swings.

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