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Baby bedding is one of those things new parents often struggle with. We want to pick it out ourselves, not have it gifted, as it’s such an important part of our new environment. Our babies must be supremely comfortable — and safe! Oh, but the colors and stitching need to be just right as well.
There are so many popular styles nowadays that most people really struggle with what to choose.  The new styles are often dictated by the current trends that are sweeping the world, such as cartoons and television programs and that is only part of the equation.

The other consideration is price


Personalized baby blankets for boys and girls. Gift on crib in nursery.

Personalized baby blankets can accent your baby bedding.

We spend a lot of money on our little angels and since they grow so fast, there’s always another expense right around the corner. If you look in the baby bedding section of most stores you will see that the prices vary widely and that means that you will have to determine if the quality of the lesser priced units is up to par with what you need to provide the child with. This may be a difficult task to say the least.  The higher priced baby bedding sets are most often those that endorse a person, show or product in some way.  This is all too common and we all find ourselves paying top dollar based on the popularity of the endorsement rather than the product quality itself.
Obviously, the internet provides us with a mind numbing amount of choices. The baby industry is one of the biggest in the world. Nearly all parents, especially new ones, try to find only the best for their child and baby bedding is no exception.

A few tips to keep in mind

The no nonsense approach to baby beddingIn the end it is about what is best for the child… and price, as we also have to put food on the table. I suggest forsaking the latest TV or comic book trend in favor of good ol’ fashioned quality. Check out the quality of the workmanship. Too often a nice looking baby quilt is so poorly done that it falls apart at the first washing. Also be sure to check all labels for any possible allergy issues that you child may have or contract.
My favorite local store for such items is Target. I feel they always have a nice balance of quality to price. And I like see and touch my baby bedding before purchasing. I also like to be able to return it if need be.


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