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5 Great Gift Ideas for a Single Mom

Portrait of beautiful happy single mom with cute little baby girl

As a single mom, I’ve weathered many a birthday, holiday and Mother’s Day in “forced” enjoyment because that is what the parenting agreement states. “The days of special meaning and enjoyment for mother shall be…” as the decree reads. While the idea is spot-on, as a single mom, there’s a bit more to consider. As […]

Thoughtful, Practical, Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts: Part 2

DIY-inexpensive Onesies gift: Randesign

On Tuesday we published Part 1 of Thoughtful, Practical, Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts with a creative DIY gift by DIY video by MelChaosLife. Today, we’re going to follow that up with another DIY YouTube video that also is a great example of a practical, thoughtful and inexpensive baby shower gift of the DIY kind. The perfect trifecta for gifts: Thoughtful, Practical, Inexpensive At Randesign, we’re committed […]