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Monday we published a post on What NOT to Give as Baby Shower Gifts. Today, we’re going to follow that up with a YouTube video that we feel is a great example of a practical, thoughtful and inexpensive baby shower gift of the DIY kind.

diy inexpensive baby shower giftsThe perfect trifecta of gifts: Thoughtful, Practical, Inexpensive

At Randesign, we’re committed to trying to help families use their resources wisely. If you’re a family member or friend invited to their baby shower, we hope that you respect your resources and theirs, in the same light. A baby shower gift (or birthday present) should first and foremost be thoughtful. Nothing says, “I didn’t spend time thinking about your gift” like a gift card (though they are very practical).

Yes, they also should be practical. And this means USABLE. Again, the opposite of this we covered here: What NOT to Give as Baby Shower Gifts. Your investing time and money into your gift – make sure they actually need it. This will be very appreciated by the newborn’s mother, who is spending hard-earned money on disposable items all day long.

Finally, for your sake, we suggest inexpensive. Don’t confuse inexpensive with cheap. By inexpensive, we simply mean “money spent wisely” as its easy to overspend on baby shower gifts and baby presents – they’re a marketing company’s favorite playground (pardon the pun).


With these in mind, we present a DIY video by MelChaosLife. And this gift meets our trifecta of Thoughtful, Practical, Inexpensive. If you agree, go give her a big thumbs up.


We’re always searching for more ideas of this kind. If you have any recommendations, please contact us – we’ll review and be happy to share the good ones!

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Have a happy, healthy new year everyone. We hope that you found an inspiring tidbit or two here and don’t hesitate to share it, but please give credit where credit is due: PersonalBabyProducts.com and PersonalizedKidsPlates.com