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The Terrible Twos: Helpful Ways to Tame a Testy Toddler

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Battling over breakfast. Screaming at the supermarket. Launching chicken nuggets at lunch. Defiant during dinner. And scattered in between, as peaceful as an angel. Welcome to the terrible twos. As a parent, we’ve long been forewarned about this looming and almost-dreaded phase in our child’s development. From those who have come before us, those in […]

How Long Should My Baby Sleep?

Awake baby on parent shoulder

Newborn and baby sleep patterns are different from those in older children and adults. Understanding baby sleep patterns will help you get through those long, sleepless nights. For newborns, sleep is about equally divided between rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep and follows these stages: Stage 1: Drowsiness, in which the baby starts to fall asleep. Stage […]

USDA report: It will cost $245,340 to raise a child born in 2013

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It is projected that raising a child today up to the age of 18 (THIS DOESN’T INCLUDE POSSIBLE COLLEGE EXPENSES) will cost parents nearly a quarter million dollars! As reported in the USDA Report: While this represents an overall 1.8 percent increase from 2012, the percentages spent on each expenditure category remain the same. As […]