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As we’re a small, family-owned company that’s been around since 1975, we’ve gradually come to grips with the fact that we may be a little slow to stay up with the times. But, we do listen to our customers! Over the past few years we’ve gotten more and more inquiries to why we still stay with traditional colors of blue for boys, pink for girls, and white for neutral.

One very good reason is simply – stock. As a small company, we can only stock so much efficiently. But… we have been getting more and more intrigued with updating our product lines a bit here and there (SPOILER ALERT: Keep on the lookout for a few big changes in 2021).  For starters, we’re very aware of the desire for more individuality when dressing our young ones, so we started with researching the latest in color research and trends, and thought we may as well share our findings with you!

Neutral colors for newborns

Many young parents want to buck the traditional while still others simply want to prepare for their upcoming surprise while keeping the surprise (meaning, keeping their baby’s sex under wraps until nature takes its course). White clothing has long been the traditional neutral choice and has been a mainstay with our baby clothes for decades, but we’re excited by recent trends and our preparing to unveil our results soon.

We love the soft, simple trends that have become popular in baby clothes. Soft (or low saturated) yellows and teals are our favorite neutral colors to stock up on for either sex. A traditional blue or pink item can be mixed in along the way to change things up, but we feel that yellow and teals will remain in style for some time to come as they’re very cheerful colors that play off each other.

Why the move toward neutral colors?

We believe there are several factors that contribute to the move toward neutral colors. Here are a few that we’ve observed:

  • They’re easy to match! The busy parent doesn’t have to put thought into what goes with what.
  • They’re easily shared amongst siblings. As big brother or sister outgrows clothes, little brother or sister can adopt them effortlessly.
  • Neutral colors are generally soothing. Its widely believed these softer colors help calm our little ones.

A final note…

We’ve also entered a day of extreme political correctness that is dictating “gender neutral” colors to our young parents – many of whom would be mortified to be called out for being socially insensitive. As such, we noticed that in recent years grey, navy, browns and creams have been increasing in popularity for baby clothing and room decor. Add some soft yellows and teals to this pallet and you can’t be accused of offending others’ fashion sense or social preferences!

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