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Taking the entire family out for an evening of fun is exciting and can elevate tensions however, going out costs money and times can be a bit tough – especially in this economy. So, to enjoy an affordable evening with your family, consider these 5 cheap nights out where you can really enjoy some family bonding while saving money at the same time.

Cheap Family Night #1: The Movies

I know you are thinking a movie is really expensive these days and you can’t afford to go but, frequently during the week, movie theaters offer specials – even 2 for 1 deals – to get more people in during the middle of the week. As a result, taking your family to the movies on a Tuesday or Wednesday as opposed to Friday or Saturday can save a lot of money. Also, consider popping popcorn at home and carrying it with you in a purse. That way you can enjoy popcorn without spending $5 for a small bag. Soda is the real money-maker for theaters. Bringing your own in a bag can save you have of your evening’s expenses.

Cheap Family Night #2: Bowling

Bowling is a great family activity and like the movies many bowling alleys offer specials during the week, especially for kids. So, have a great dinner at home and head to the bowling alley. Of course, call ahead and find out when your local bowling alley offers specials for families and children. This is a fantastic way to unplug from technology and get fun exercise during the colder months of the year.

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Cheap Family Night #3: The Park and Ice Cream

During warmer months of the year, kids love to go to the park. And since the park is free, it is perhaps one of the best places to go! Your kids will love playing on the monkey bars and merry-go-rounds and you, as parents, will enjoy some family time and fresh air. Then, head to your local ice cream parlor and have a cone of your favorite flavor or buy a gallon of ice cream to enjoy at home.

Cheap Family Night #4: Local Sports Game

Many kids really love sports, so consider a family night out to a local sports game – even a high school game. Entrance is inexpensive and it can be a lot of fun to watch local people in competition, and creates a sense of belonging in the community. Going to high school sports allows our youngsters to dream of coming of age and participating themselves!

Cheap Family Night #5: Pizza and Arcade

Another great night out with the family can be enjoying a family-size pizza and then playing games in an arcade. Not only will you have a great meal that is inexpensive, but the arcade games are generally inexpensive as well. You can give each child $2-3 in quarters and let them play until they are gone.

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