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As your child goes through school, they will be faced with many extracurricular choices. Baseball, football, cheerleading, gymnastics, science club, math club, the list goes on and on. But did you know, that having an interest in a musical instrument and even more so, in music, when introduced as early as infancy, will help your child grow?

Music Will Help Your Child Grow

Allowing your child to pursue a musical instrument will help them grow in a variety of ways.

Music is everywhere we are- driving in the car, riding in an elevator, at the shopping mall, even outside when birds are singing. Allowing your child to pursue a musical instrument will help them grow in a variety of ways. Playing music sharpens the mind, improves hand-eye coordination, and also helps with confidence. Below are three ways playing music will help your child grow:

  • Music teaches children responsibility. A musician is required to be responsible for not only the care of their instrument, but also the material to be performed. Instruments are not cheap, so keeping them in good condition takes responsibility and good care. Also, your young musician must practice the music in order to improve. This allows them to learn basic time management skills, persistence, and self-discipline.
  • Playing and listening to music stimulates the brain. It is important to keep our brains active and challenged, and playing an instrument allows the brain to be stimulated in many ways. This focuses on fine motor skills, technique, listening, and memorizing. This results in sharpened senses and motor skills for your child.
  • Music allows children to become immersed in history. Classical music has influenced the music we know today. By allowing your child to play both classical music and modern music, your child can begin to make connections on how music was used to communicate in different eras. This immerses them in a musical history which will stay with them for years to come.

Whether it be drums, violin, saxophone, or guitar, playing music has many benefits for your child. This will give you and your child something to experience together, as they will improve with patience and practice; and, it creates small but important victories in your child’s life, and will be a memory they carry with them throughout the rest of their life.

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