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Holiday Sanity Savers: 3 Great Ideas to Implement When Your Kids Are Pulling on your Apron Strings

kid-cooking can be your sanity saver

Here it is, holiday season. To many, the thoughts of the happy family gathering ’round the perfectly set dinner table, perfectly coiffed kids, and relatives patiently awaiting the well-timed (and perfectly browned) turkey is a far-fetched vision of a hoped-for realty. For the rest of us–well, likely all of us, and definitely those of us […]

Yoga for Children: Simply stretching, religion or something else?

Yoga for Children Personal Baby Products

Yoga, a practice that has been around for centuries, has gained immense popularity in the West. The yoga community has flourished in the past few years, appealing to busy parents, college students, professional sports teams, and yoga for children. Yes, you read correctly: yoga for children!   Yoga can be a bit intimidating for those who […]

Trick or Treat? 5 Great Ways to Avoid the Post-Halloween Candy Battle

Personalized Baby Products

As a kid, and like most, I couldn’t wait to head out in the night with my plastic pumpkin and it’s flimsy plastic handle precisely at 6pm to ring the doorbells of neighbors and bravely commanding “Trick or Treat” to the usually-obliging home-dweller. Rarely were we tricked but sadly, some years, our loot was lackluster. […]

6 Steps for a Safe Family Spring Break

Family portrait photo on melamine picture photo plate

I recently took my kids on a fun-filled, action-packed spring break to a popular U.S. travel destination. Our 7-hour car ride was timed, the vehicle checked and the route was planned and programmed in the GPS (both the car and the phone!). I was certain I was following all the rules to ensure this would […]

10 Worst Parenting Tips Ever for Babies

Awake baby on parent shoulder

If you’re a new parent, you have or will experience a lot of unsolicited advice from family, friends and acquaintances. You’re probably wearing a more than a bit of exhaustion on your face and that perceived vulnerability triggers others to come to the rescue. As we aren’t formally schooled in  parenting, parents who have already been […]