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If you went with the most popular name of 2014 for a name-change, you’d now be Noah or Emma. Noah didn’t even crack the top 20 just 10 years ago (though Emma, amazingly, was at number two).

How do we know these interesting facts so quickly?  Its a fun database provided by the Social Security Administration- see it here.

You can easily find the top 20, 50… even 1000 names for any name dating back to 1879! Bookmark this page for reference in your next baby name search. It’s interesting to see how trends come, go and come again.

So, to find what your own name would’ve been in any given year, first, type the year that you were born into the “Birth Year”. You may need to put the Popularity at 100  or so, depending on your name. Next, find the ranking of your name – let’s say it’s the 23rd entry. Next, type in your favorite year and find the 23rd ranking for that year!