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Originally posted by Laura Johnston, Northeast Ohio Media Group on Cleveland.com on May 14, 2015

“Liam and Emma are the top baby names in Ohio, for the second straight year.” reports Laura.

Ohio’s most popular names are similar to the national list, compiled by the U.S. Social Security Administration of the most used 1,000 names each year. The lists are pretty similar, though nationally Noah is king for boys.

Top names in Ohio in 2014


Emma’s in a clique with old-fashioned, ladylike names, like Sophia and Charlotte, the name of the new British princess, which cracked the top 10 both nationally and in Ohio this year. Liam is also traditional.

There are the trendy names, too. For girls, Harper is No. 6, Brooklyn is 21st and Paisley is 29th in Ohio. For boys, Jackson is No. 9 in Ohio; Jaxon is 32. Colton is 24th.