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How my misguided mom became my hero

Abusive mother turns into hero

I had a pretty contentious relationship with my mother growing up. She was a child of the 60s and found her identity in the feminist movement… to a fault. She never missed a chance to take a jab at men for suppressing women and ravaging the world in testosterone-filled wars. She’d even told me at a […]

The Mother’s Day Gift She Won’t Tell You She Wants: A tip for those in charge of getting the Mother’s Day Gift

The Mother’s Day Gift She Won't Tell You She Wants

Mother’s Day. The one day a year where we remember all the good things mom does or has done for us. As kids, my sister and I delighted in bringing mom a Mother’s Day gift made from pieces of paper precisely glued together and decorated with crayon scribbles. Once, she and I proudly presented a […]