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My Child Wanders Away from Me

Wandering Child - Personal Baby Products

According to the FBI.gov, a child goes missing every 40 seconds in America. That comes to 765,000 children a year.That comes to 765,000 children a year and is quite an eye-opening statistic,  one that piqued my interest from parents who say “my child wanders away from me.” This week, my family and I, along with a few friends, […]

Beyond the Ooh’s and Ahh’s: How fireworks can damage your child’s hearing

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Nothing says happy summer more than the celebration of America’s independence. Of course, the culmination of that day along with other summer classics such as baseball and festivals likely conclude with a grand show of brilliantly displayed fireworks. As parents, we’ve heard and heeded the warnings to leave the pyrotechnics to the pros; to be cautious with […]