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3 Tips to Tame Little Miss Sassy-pants

When Your Child Will Not Listen: Talking tips for toddlers and teens

It seems almost overnight, your darling daughter who was insistent on being called Elsa, dressed only in tutu’s and tiara’s and ensured every meal and snack became a tea party, morphed into a miniature version of Queen Elizabeth, complete with insistence, persistence and purpose. And, unlike her royal highness, a tongue as sharp as a […]

Do you know the 6 ways your kids are making you fat?

Milk Stout Chocolate Cupcakes

It happened. You went from bouncing back from your post-baby weight body to “hello, Mom Jeans.” Your baby became a child and suddenly, you realized your kids diet differs from yours. You are meticulous about the food pyramid, the number of juice ounces you serve your child and know that the “size of your fist equates […]