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photo contest winner, jan 2017: Personal Baby Products by Randesign

Zaid and Aziz, CA: Our little boys eating breakfast off their personalized plates.

Our thanks and congratulations to Zaid and Aziz of California for being our first Photo Contest winners of 2017!

Mom, Katie, sent in the photo with the caption,Our little boys eating breakfast off their personalized plates.”

For privacy and safety reasons, we won’t publish the last name here. But, we are going to reach out to Katie in order to give her a $50 coupon code good at either personalbabyproducts.com or personalizedkidsplates.com.

UPDATE: Upon receiving her winning coupon code, Katie wrote us back with:

“You might be interested in more of the back story, too – my parents had 4 personalized name plates for us 4 kids when we were growing up, from the late 80s/early 90s, made by your company. When grandkids started being born in 2013, that year for Christmas I ordered some with the new babies’ names as a gift for my parents for Christmas. I was able to find your company’s name because it was imprinted on the back of the plates. My parents were very surprised and LOVED IT!!! Then after more babies were born in 2015, I ordered more this past Christmas with the new babies’ names. My Kathleen name plate was the vintage bear, and my sister’s was the vintage classroom, so I matched our respective kid’s plates with our own. When my brothers have kids, I’ll plan to order some more new plates for the new babies that match my brother’s plates, too.”

If you’d like to enter:

$50 winner for personalized kids dinner plate

Christine L.
Austin, TX

First, you need to purchase your child’s gift from either site above.

Next, take a picture of your child(ren) with the product, then upload it at personalbabyproducts.com/photo-contest, and fill out the short form so we know where to send the coupon!

If we display it on our site or Facebook Page, we’ll give you a coupon code worth $50 – good at PersonalBabyProducts.com or PersonalizedKidsPlates.com.

Now that everyone has a camera in their pocket, we thought it’d be fun to share your favorite pics of your little ones. Facebook, Pinterest, our homepage – even our product pages can feature your little one for years to come.

baby with personalized onesie

Liza M.
Newport, NJ

We’re looking for those “awwwww” inspiring photos! Show your baby or toddler with their new, personalized Randesign product. Make sure its good enough quality… and if you let us share it with our friends online, we’ll immediately send you a coupon code for $50 good at one of our websites!