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Packing up a picnic for the family? Whether it’s a holiday celebration or an everyday meal, picnics are fun for all family members. How do you make things easy on everyone? Preparation and simple ideas. Here are some quick lists to get you going.

Essential Non-Food Items to Pack 
• Disposable tablecloth for a table or bring a blanket for the ground
• Plastic forks, spoons and knives
• Lots of napkins and wet wipes
• Hand sanitizer
• First aid kit
• Sunblock
• Bug spray
• Trash bags for easy clean up
• If your kids are very young, sometimes an extra change of clothes is smart to have, too.

Easy Food Options – Keep it Simple!
• Sandwiches with easy fillings like tuna, peanut butter and jelly, bologna, cheese, etc.
• Fruit pieces like sliced melon, fresh strawberries, grapes, apple slices or single-serve containers of applesauce
• Cut vegetables like carrots, celery, bell peppers and broccoli with ranch dressing
• Crackers, trail mix or granola bars
• Pre-packaged foods like chips, crackers and cookies
• Drinks: grab some juice boxes or bottles of water

Let Someone Else Cook – if you’re not into home prep, try these options!
• Take-out pizza
• Subs or fast food
• Deli fried chicken or prepared sandwich platters
• Grocery store pre-packed picnic baskets – they do exist in some deli sections, so check around for that easy all-in-one picnic solution

Need some ideas for Picnic activities? Try these ideas.
• Kite Flying
• Board Games – Be sure to choose a game that has a heavy board and pieces. Games that require paper or cards are not suitable for picnics. If the day is windy, the paper, light pieces, board or cards could blow away.
• Animal Watching – Bring along a pair of binoculars on your picnic – see who can find the most squirrels, birds, etc.!
• Run Races – Race wheelbarrow style or try a sack race or three-legged race, or just go for a standard footrace.
• Old stand-bys – Nerf balls, Frisbees, and plastic boomerangs are great standards. Also, if there is a sandbox where you are, buckets and shovels can be lots of fun.

The most important thing, though? Being together and having fun. Remember to keep safety first, and enjoy your time with one another.

What are your ideas for easy picnics? Tell us in the Comment Section below or on our Facebook Fan Page by clicking HERE.