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Regardless of what part of the U.S. you may be in, you’ve probably noticed that it’s gotten a bit cooler – something called “winter” is nipping at us! With temps bottoming out (some much lower in some places than others!), it’s a good time to share some reminders about kids and outdoor cold weather.

Here’s what we’re saying about DRESSING FOR THE OUTDOORS this winter!

1) Bundle Up in Loose Layers – Many thinner layers are better than one thick layer. Loose layers help trap and retain warm air, while tight layers just constrict and mess with circulation. Loose layers hold warm air better.

2) Must have’s: hat, scarf and/or hood, boots, warm coat

3) Styles that are best: high necklines or turtlenecks, long sleeves and pants, thermal panes (“Long Underwear”), close-toed footwear

4) Good fabrics/materials for clothing:
   a. Outer-most layers – waterproof, “thick and fuzzy”, fiber-filled, wool, puffy fabrics like quilted fiberfill
   b. Inner layers – “Synthetic fibers are hydrophobic and don’t hold water the way that cotton will. When used and layered correctly, synthetic fibers hold a warm layer of insulated air close to the skin and will greatly exceed the performance of cotton.” (-TrailMix.net)
   c. Base layers- "Select a very thin layer to use as a base layer. The base layer has the dual purpose of providing the first layer of insulation and wicking moisture away from the skin. Do you have the type of pajamas with the “booties” attached to the feet? That’s even better because now you don’t have to worry about synthetic socks." (-TrailMix.net)

5) Consider Boot Gaiters – What the heck is a boot gaiter? According to BootGaiters.com, “Boot gaiters are protective sleeves that go over your boots to protect your legs from things like moisture, snow, weeds, etc, and sometimes even snakes!” Regardless, it’ll help the snow and moisture from getting into boots and making socks wet.

6) Wear items that cover ALL skin!

FINALLY – Stay Dry! When you’re wet, your body looses heat faster than normal. Whether it’s through weather or sweat, these two sources of moisture can help make you cold really quickly!
   a) Get some waterproof boots.
   b) Pick outdoor clothing like cotton or polyester poplin, or nylon fabrics because they “shed water well.”
   c) Opt for mittens with a warm lining and have outer fabric that is water repellent, like nylon or vinyl. We hope you can use some of these tips, and that you’ll share your own with us here – give us your tips and tricks in the comments section, and HAVE FUN OUT THERE!

And don't forget the warm blanket for when you come back in – our customized blankets are perfect for babies!


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Laughing_Kid.jpg

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