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The following excellent health advice comes from the Cleveland Clinic’s Daily Wellness Tip. Written by  Jane Ehrman, M.Ed


family nutrition and exercise

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Not sure how to get started? How about getting your whole family to join you on a journey to better health and fitness! Here’s how:

  • Make family meals a priority. Did you know that teens who frequently eat meals with their family have healthier eating habits? Family meals can strengthen relationships and teach your kids lifelong habits that will help reduce their risk for a whole host of diseases. If busy weeknights don’t allow for family dinners, make them a fun weekend ritual. You can even turn breakfast into your family mealtime with a pan of scrambled eggs and salsa or a Crock-Pot of oatmeal!
  • Make family time active time. After-dinner strolls, weekend hikes, sledding, ice-skating or springtime bike rides all contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Can’t get out? Then have a dance party at home. No red velvet ropes required!
  • Stay positive. No one wants to hear about what they can’t or shouldn’t do (“No more Minecraft!”). Instead, choose a few activities that will be fun for everyone so they’ll want to break away from the screens. Indoor rock climbing, anyone?!

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Have a happy, healthy new year everyone. We hope that you found an inspiring tidbit or two here and don’t hesitate to share it, but please give credit where credit is due: PersonalBabyProducts.com and PersonalizedKidsPlates.com