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Daphne is Randesign's favorite and talented Mom. Professional Mom by day, and Writer/Mom by night. Daphne also is a fitness expert; competing in many competitions across the country over the past several years. She is a 40-something single mother of two daughters who are 8 years apart. She knows a thing or two about parenting, careers and stress.

Kids and Coffee

In a recent poll on our Personal Baby Products Fan Page through Facebook, we asked: What’s your favorite hot beverage on a cold day? Here's what we got back: Coffee 50% Tea 12.5% Hot Chocolate 25% Cider 12.5% Something Else 0% I Don’t Drink Hot Beverages 0% According to, "in North America, 90% of […]

A Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve

Happy New Year! 2012 signals the celebration of the year past, as well as a time to wipe the slate clean for a new year. New Year's Eve is an exciting time for adults, but some of the loud, crazy and often alcohol-related events associated with the festivity of the New Year are not suitable […]

Holiday Traditions

With the holiday season in full swing, we’d like to acknowledge some traditions that seem to come along with the season. Below we take a look at some aspects of the Christian Christmas Tree, the Jewish Menorah, and the colors of Kwanzaa. Please also take this as an opportunity to post your own traditions and […]

Halloween Fun – SAFETY FIRST!

  Happy Halloween! It’s an exciting day for young and old alike – a day for ghosts and goblins, parties and playtime, costumes and cuisine. Want to keep your little terrors safe and happy for the big night? Here are some tips!   COSTUMES – Make sure your costumes are flame resistant / fire retardant. […]

What's In A Name?

Onomastics or onomatology is the study of proper names of all kinds and the origins of names. – We are all linked by names, as we all have one. A name is an identification. It can also be a personality, a stamp of recognition, and a signal to the world that shouts, “Hey! I’m me!”   The subject of naming […]

Diaper Duty

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: the diaper change. It’s one of the basics of baby, but changing a diaper can be complex. Babies move. Babies squirm. Babies grow quickly. Babies react differently to different products. How does one have as drama-free a changing experience as possible? PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE! And then cross […]

Swaddling Your Baby

Nothing comforts a baby like the warmth and security of swaddling. Swaddling has been practiced for hundreds of years and involves wrapping a child snugly in order to restrict movement, maintain body temperature and calm nerves. Archaeological records suggest that swaddling came to be around 4000 B.C. in Central Asia – migrants used a back-pack […]