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Birthday of the month giveaway

This fun “Birthday of the month giveaway” contest that we did a couple years ago is back!

How it works:

Enter your child’s birthday into our contest, and at the end of each month, we randomly select a birth date. Whoever’s birthday that is closest wins a $50 gift certificate to any Target Dept. store! (We only consider the month and day, not the year).

Yep – it’s that simple.

The winner will be announced on our website and Facebook page (though we’ll only use first name, last initial and city for your privacy), and we’ll email the people that entered at the email address that you provided.

What’s in it for me?


Well.. a free $50 gift certificate if you win. But win or lose on the gift certificate, you’ll still receive an immediate coupon code to our websites and future member-only offers!

Have fun!