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Happy New Year! 2012 signals the celebration of the year past, as well as a time to wipe the slate clean for a new year.

New Year's Eve is an exciting time for adults, but some of the loud, crazy and often alcohol-related events associated with the festivity of the New Year are not suitable for little ones. Want some family friendly ideas to include your youngest revelers?
KIDNIGHT: Kiddos not staying up until 12 o’clock midnight? Create your special “Kidnight” hour! Let kids know that they’re special New Year’s Eve mark is just as special! Whether you set your party hour for 8:00pm or later, kids should be able to mark the occasion at a particular time, too – and still get to bed at a time that’s good for them.
FIZZY DRINKS: While adults may indulge in champagne, kids may want something bubbly to celebrate, too! Sparkling Grape Juice, ginger ale, or soda water with a touch of fresh squeezed lemon are fun for tiny palettes. 
HOME MADE HATS: Need some party hats? Spend the evening with some construction paper, crayons, markers and glitter! Decorate your construction paper with fun shapes and colors, then roll up the page starting from the corner in order to make a cone shape. Tape the cone and voila! You have a custom party hat for the New Year.
CLOCK WATCH: Use the countdown to practice the art of telling time. With so many digital time pieces out there today, it’s good to keep kids’ analog clock skills sharp. Make a game out of changing activities or telling a story every 15 or 30 minutes.
RESOLUTIONS: Take some time to decorate a special resolution certificate together! Setting easy goals for kids for the upcoming year can be fun and rewarding. Decorate some construction paper and have kids write one or two objectives for themselves for the New Year. Try simple, constructive things like making the bed each day, walking the dog on a regular basis or eating all their vegetables.
FUN: Finally, make your evening fun with activities like watching a movie together, playing board games, reading stories, or whatever will bring you closer together and keep you engaged for the evening. It's all about being together.
Happy New Year!
Clock Graphic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Analog.gif.