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My wife loves to watch the show, “A Baby Story”. She starting watching it a year ago when she was pregnant with our son because she wanted to get an idea what labor would be like. Now she watches because she wants to reminisce about the birth of our son and look forward to having our next child. Personally, I think the show is boring, but recently, my old college friend told me a baby story of a different kind. Here is how the story went.

A little over a year ago, a pretty young girl, Kelsey was nineteen years old, VERY pregnant, and with no boyfriend in the picture anymore. She was working full time to make ends meet and was getting very anxious for the baby to be born. One morning before work, Kelsey went to the doctor’s office for a checkup. The doctor checked her and told her that she was in labor and she needed to go to the hospital. She said, Great!”, and then asked, “Do I need to go to the hospital now, or can I go after work?”

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The doctor politely told her that she did not have to go to the hospital immediately, but that she could only go home and get her bag ready for the hospital stay. She asked if it would be ok if she got something to eat and he said he did not advise it.

Next thing you know, Kelsey’s in the drive-thru line at Wendy’s. A rather large man, obviously in a hurry, backed into the driver side door of her car. Now, in a hurry and ANGRY, the big guy gets out of his pickup truck and begins yelling at her – blaming her for his carelessness.

Remember- Kelsey’s in active labor. She can’t get out of the driver side door, so she drags her big, nine-months pregnant belly out the passenger side door. The man saw her condition, and got so worried that he fainted. Now this nine-month pregnant women is sitting in the parking lot at Wendy’s, in active labor, fanning a man trying to revive him. Eventually an onlooker came by to help the guy while Kelsey had to sort this out with the police. Our rescuer, Nathan, then rushed her home in his car and later took care of getting her car back to her.

Once Kelsey got home, her mother rushed her to the hospital. After a few hours of labor a beautiful baby boy was born, – Nathaniel Allen (Allen was her father’s name). Several months later, Nathan and Kelsey ran into each other, and a long story short – they’re now engaged.

I don’t know about you, but if “A Baby Story” was this interesting everyday, I think I would tune in a lot more often.

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