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For many parents, the idea of vaccinating your child is not a question with a yes or no answer. But rather, it is question of clarity. It can be confusing and, with so much public debate, whether through social media, news media or while innocently attending a play-group, to understand which vaccine is needed at which stage of your child’s growth.

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Learning when to vaccinate your child can provide a life long shield of protection.

Pediatricians will help keep your child on schedule and local health departments may offer no-cost or reduced cost vaccines. Regardless of who is administering the vaccine, as a parent, knowledge is power. The Centers for Disease Control has a comprehensive section on children’s vaccines. As children are most at-risk for contracting everything from the flu to highly-communicable diseases, knowing the vaccine schedule will you prepare and plan, especially as your child prepares to enter school.

State school vaccination laws vary across the country. So, for children who may be subjected to multi-state residences during their young years, it is important to keep a record of vaccinations at home to ensure a seamless timeline of protection during growth.

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