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Last week, baby name authority website, BabyCenter announced some interesting findings with names this year.

Now, keep in mind that this isn’t based on very comprehensive data – it’s only comprised of the 200,000 names registered to their website. But, that is enough to project solid trends. That said…

Here are seven names of GIRLS that have NO presence in their database this year

  • Bette/Bettie
  • Blanche
  • Erma/Irma
  • Krista
  • Myrtle
  • Olga
  • Rhonda

While really old style names like Blanche and Myrtle come as no surprise to us, Erma, Krista and Rhonda still sound like names we’d expect to hear from the fictional teenage models that grace the CW network. Perhaps we’re showing our age.

And now – seven names of BOYS that have NO presence in their database this year

  • Carroll
  • Dick
  • Homer
  • Lowell
  • Roosevelt
  • Rudolph
  • Willard

Ok… who’s surprised at anything on this list? Need I say anything Dick and Homer? Childhood is hard enough without parents playing cruel jokes on their kids utilizing a name from this list.

Head on over to their full article to check out other names that are dropping in popularity.  There are a few shockers such as Adrianna, Giselle and Kate (girls), and former popular boy’s names such as Alec, Colin, Dillon, Joe and Jonah are dropping out of favor.


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