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Daphne is Randesign's favorite and talented Mom. Professional Mom by day, and Writer/Mom by night. Daphne also is a fitness expert; competing in many competitions across the country over the past several years. She is a 40-something single mother of two daughters who are 8 years apart. She knows a thing or two about parenting, careers and stress.

Leo Loves his blanket!

Jennifer R.  emailed us the following message and picture. Jennifer, we are posting this for you as it’s just too cute not to share. Anyone that wants to email us a picture of their child with our products – please do. We’ll be happy to post them here! Leo Loves his blanket! I was hoping […]

Nap Time! Or is it?

Ah, the beauty of a nap – peaceful, serene, comforting. For a child, however, it may seem like a sentence of doom that’s cause for fits of crying and protest. According to WebMD*, "Napping conserves energy," explains Charles Shubin, MD, medical director of the Children's Health Center of Mercy Family Care in Baltimore and an […]

Grand Memories – Grandparents

Grandparents are very special to any child. Children with involved grandparents carry those memories with them for life. Below are snippets from memories gathered from some of our friends near the Cleveland, OH area. What makes the best memories? It looks like just spending time. Whether it’s cooking or eating a meal with one another, […]

Kids and Coffee

In a recent poll on our Personal Baby Products Fan Page through Facebook, we asked: What’s your favorite hot beverage on a cold day? Here's what we got back: Coffee 50% Tea 12.5% Hot Chocolate 25% Cider 12.5% Something Else 0% I Don’t Drink Hot Beverages 0% According to, "in North America, 90% of […]

A Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve

Happy New Year! 2012 signals the celebration of the year past, as well as a time to wipe the slate clean for a new year. New Year's Eve is an exciting time for adults, but some of the loud, crazy and often alcohol-related events associated with the festivity of the New Year are not suitable […]

Holiday Traditions

With the holiday season in full swing, we’d like to acknowledge some traditions that seem to come along with the season. Below we take a look at some aspects of the Christian Christmas Tree, the Jewish Menorah, and the colors of Kwanzaa. Please also take this as an opportunity to post your own traditions and […]

Halloween Fun – SAFETY FIRST!

  Happy Halloween! It’s an exciting day for young and old alike – a day for ghosts and goblins, parties and playtime, costumes and cuisine. Want to keep your little terrors safe and happy for the big night? Here are some tips!   COSTUMES – Make sure your costumes are flame resistant / fire retardant. […]